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Philosophical Gourmet Report

Once again the Philosophical Gourmet Report is out, and once again the University of Toronto has risen in the standings. It is gratifying to see that Toronto’s overall rating puts us at the top of Canadian departments by a big margin, and tied for tenth spot internationally with very distinguished programs such as UCLA, Berkeley,[Read more…]

2015 U of T Grad Conference Call for Papers

**Call For Papers ** Perspectives on the First Person: The Philosophical Significance of the First Person Point of View Keynote Speakers: David Chalmers and Carol Rovane April 30- May 1st   Many areas of philosophy struggle to reconcile the impartial, third personal point of view on the universe with the individual first person perspective. Philosophers[Read more…]

Hamish Russell Wins First Annual Amartya Sen Prize

First-year Toronto PhD student Hamish Russell was one of the winners of the first annual Amartya Sen Prize, a prize jointly administered by Yale’s Global Justice Program, Academics Stand Against Poverty, and Global Financial Integrity. Hamish’s winning essay, “Abusive Tax Avoidance and Responsibilities of Tax Professionals”, was co-authored with Professor Gillian Brock of the University[Read more…]