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Balzan Styles of Reasoning Research Project (2015-2019)

2015-09-01 |

The Department of Philosophy has just begun a major five-year research project on the theme of Styles of Reasoning. Made possible by the 2014 Balzan Prize awarded to University Professor Emeritus Ian Hacking, this project offers generous financial support to Toronto graduate students working in the Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and Mathematics,[Read more…]

Wi-Phi: Open Access Philosophy

Philosophy is more than a scholarly pursuit, and the philosophy department is making it known. Toronto is now teaming up with Wi-Phi, an open access philosophy site that aims to increase the role of philosophy in the public realm. Started in 2013 by PhD students Gaurav Vazirani (Yale) and Damien Rochford (M.I.T.), Wi-Phi publishes videos[Read more…]