The job placement record for all students completing a PhD in philosophy at the University of Toronto since 2002 is available here. Every effort is made to ensure that our record is accurate; we welcome any corrections or updates (please email with any relevant information). The Department appoints a Placement Officer to counsel students at any stage of the Doctoral program, and also to provide assistance especially to those nearing completion and preparing to enter the job market in philosophy. The current Placement Officer is Professor Karolina Hübner.

The Placement Officer provides general information about this market and about how to determine one’s readiness for it. The Placement Officer also oversees the job application process by, among other things, reviewing the students’ completed dossiers;  arranging practice job talks and mock interviews;  and advising students who are interviewing for jobs via Skype and during campus visits. Although many of the Department’s job candidates compete successfully each year for teaching positions that are listed by colleges and universities throughout North America (and beyond), the Department cannot guarantee a job for those who complete the PhD. Since the Doctoral program is a period of both academic and professional training, the Department urges its students to plan for the marketplace in a careful and gradual way as they advance through the program – for example, by attending local conferences, publishing papers, submitting a paper to the organizers of a conference as well as volunteering to prepare a commentary for an accepted paper, and becoming a member of the Canadian Philosophical and American Philosophical Associations. Throughout this process, students should seek regular advice from graduate faculty with common interests, and particularly from the members of their Qualifying and Thesis Committees.