Honours and Awards

George Paxton Young Memorial Prize

This prize recognizes extracurricular scholastic achievement. It is awarded annually by the Graduate Department to those of its students who have been selected to read a refereed philosophy paper at an international, national or regional philosophy conference. The prize is distributed to winners on a proportional basis.

Gordon Cheesbrough Graduate Fellowship

This fellowship is used for recruiting and other purposes.

Martha Lile Love Essay Award

The award recognizes the excellence of a philosophical essay written by a graduate student who is either registered in the Graduate Department or has completed one of its courses. One or more such awards, including a small stipend, may be given each year.  Nominations require the signature of the student and nominating letter from a faculty member of the Department.

Martha Lile Love Teaching Award

The award is given to a Doctoral student who, as an undergraduate philosophy course instructor, has demonstrated to the Awards Committee a combination of skill, inventiveness, competence and enthusiasm which merits Departmental recognition and commendation. (The Committee may decide against recommending any winner in a given year.)

The Martha Lile Love Teaching Award takes the form of a small stipend. Deadlines for nominations are announced by the Director of Graduate Studies annually. Normally the deadline is mid-November for Fall term and Summer instructors, and the end of February for Spring term instructors. Candidates may nominate themselves for this award, or they may be nominated by a faculty member. Nominations should be sent in the form of a brief letter or e-mail to the tri-campus TA Coordinator.

David Savan Dissertation Prize

This prize, awarded annually, recognizes the excellence of a Doctoral thesis in philosophy submitted and successfully defended by a student in the Graduate Department during the last calendar year.  A nominating letter from the thesis supervisor is required.