Our MA and PhD Programs

The Graduate Department of Philosophy administers three programs: an MA program, a 4-year PhD program and a 5-year PhD program. The 4-year PhD program is designed for students with a substantial graduate background in Philosophy, at least an MA at a comparable institution. The 5-year PhD program is the “direct entry” program for students with a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Philosophy.  The 4-year program provides four years of funding and requires one year of coursework; the 5-year program provides five years of funding and requires two years of coursework.

The following links give a summary description of our programs:

Combined and Collaborative Programs

The Department participates in one combined program and six collaborative programs. A student in the combined program in Law and Philosophy completes both a JD and a PhD in Philosophy. A student in one of the collaborative programs completes a PhD in Philosophy with distinctive requirements suited to that program, and receives a special notation on her or his transcripts at the end of the program. The following links give the details on these programs.